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3rd Job Class Update









3rd Job Change Introduction





New Jobs are coming to Ragnarok Journey! Check out the specific details below and pick your favorite class!




Rune Knight- The swift and nimble warrior that dances with dragons


Rune Knights are a new class that are familiar with the new rune magic. They use rune stones’ rune magic, and have the benefit of fast mobilization, however in order to make various runes the materials required will double and will decided the amount of runes held. Rune Knights not only can ride a lion but can also ride an all new mount (Savu Dragon).


Skills Introduction:


Sword Skills:


Blast Blade

Gale Blade

Exploding Blade


Lance Skills:


Spiral Pierce

Rapid Stab

Phantom Thrust


General Skills:


Dragon Breath

Dragon Howling



Warlock-Master the highest form of ancient magic


Warlocks are different and surpass the original wizard.  Their key strengths lie in utilizing magic deal damage and cause abnormal status effects to foes. They are also able to use elemental and summoning magic, a new form of formidable magic that does not have cool down periods. Warlocks not only can ride a fox but can also utilize an all new mount (Morad Peco Peco).


Skill Introductions:


AoE Skills:



Chain Lightning

Destructive Flame  

Earth Strain

Frost Blast


Support Skills:


Tetra Vortex (Water)

Tetra Vortex (Fire)

Tetra Vortex (Earth)



Ranger-Highly mobile expert trapper

The Ranger has transformed from a wandering marksman into a more mobile and highly skilled trapper.  They are highly flexible and able to utilize control skills to make foes incapable of approaching them.  Rangers not only able to ride a wolf but can also utilize an all new mount (Lazaro Roc).


Skill Introductions:


Arrow Storm

Aimed Bolt

Slumber Arrow

Main Ranger

Trap Research

Freezing Trap

Fire Trap

Bomb Cluster



Guillotine Cross-Leader of Assassins


Guillotine Cross is an all new class that uses potent poisons to bring bout destruction. They not only posse high agility and evasion but also have the ability to hide. Additionally they are able to interrupt enemy skills with their defensive weapons. They can also launch large scale attacks to damage surrounding enemies with Rolling Cutter. The skill Cross Impact can also damage enemies from afar. Guillotine Crosses can also utilize smokescreen skills to confuse their enemies making this class very difficult for their enemies to defend against.  Guillotine Crosses not only can ride the Ninja Frog but can also utilize an all new mount (Karian Jackal).


Skill Introductions:


Dagger Skills:


Poisonous Weapon

Counter Slash



Katar Skills:


Cross Impact

Rolling Cutter

Dark Claw 


General Skills:


Poisonous Smoke




Arch Bishop-A balanced class with outstanding offensive and defensive capabilities



Arch Bishops compared to Priests are able to use an even more diverse set of divine magic based skills. In addition, they can also act as the main support for a party and quickly change to an active DPS role. Furthermore, Arch Bishops posse formidable physical strength, magic capabilities, and high defense making them an extremely difficult all-round class for their enemies to fight against.  Arch Bishops not only can ride a llama but can also utilize an all new mount (Tyrell Pegasus).


Skill Introductions:


Physical Skills:


Dragon Tail

Sky Blow

Gate of Hell


Magic Skills:






General Skills:


Duple Light




Mechanic- The new artillery specialist

Mechanics are solely devoted to the research and pursuit of technology and posse the capability to launch multiple attacks. By setting various magical inputs into their specialty mechs they are able to a large variety of artillery skills. Specializing in attack as well as defense allows Mechanics to effortlessly win any engagements they are drawn into. Not only can Mechanics ride a Berserk Pig but can also utilize an all new mount (Kercia Gryphon).


Skill Introductions:


Artillery Skills:


Vulcan Arm




Axe Skills:


Axe Boomerang

Enhanced Boomerang



General Skills:


Neutral Barrier