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Mid August Events

Event 1: Magpie Bridge Meeting


8.17 - 8.21



In recent days, a mysterious bridge has appeared near Alparan. Due to the sound of magpies that are often heard on the bridge, people call it the Magpie Bridge. It became rumored that if two individuals walk from both ends of the bridge to the middle, they would gain immense luck, especially lovers. Valkyrie Randgris went to investigate but ran into trouble and she needs your help!


-During the Event, Prontera has a new NPC, Eros Poring.

-For maps above level 50, killing monsters may drop Mysterious Tickets which Adventurers can use to gain access to the Magpie Bridge Dungeon.

-After the challenge, the Adventurer will receive a Magpie Bridge Treasure Chest which will contain one of the following: 

Magpie Bridge Meeting title *1, Luck Box *1, Elunium+6 *1, Oridecon +6 *1, Yggdrasil Leaf *3



Tacit partner


8.17 - 8-21



The arrival of Magpie Bridge Meeting's Day is making romance fill the air. During the event, adventurers will receive a limited time BUFF when killing monsters, except in dungeons.

BUFF Effect: Exp +25%




Event 2: 18th Asia Games


8.17 - 8.31


To celebrate the holding of the Asia Games, Welfare Staff (Prontera) will prepare a great gift for adventurers! Adventurers can go to collect a certain box which contains the following: 

Luck Box *1, Odin Temple Ticket *1, 2-Battle Manual (1 hour) *1, 1000 Charm Points *5, Firecracker *5


Daily Bonus for the 18th Asia Games


8.17 -8.31



During the Event, finishing within the corresponding required time frame will allow for extra rewards to be obtained. 

Additional reward details are as follows:

Active Rank 15: Odin Shrine Ticket x1, Yggdrasil leaf x1, 15 Coupons

Active Rank 45: 1000 Charm x1, 1000 Star Soul x1 , 45 Coupons

Active Rank 80: Wing of Feather x1, Halo Fragment x1, 100 coupons

Active Rank 95: 1.5-Battle Manual *1, Advanced Red Gemstone *1, Advanced Blue Gemstone *1, 200 Coupons