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Fellow Journeyman! 


Check out all the awesome events coming with the Open Beta Test for RO Journey Philippines!





Pyramid of Courage       

Pet Eggs

Collect designated materials one floor below

Bosses will appear on the 2nd, 3rd , 6th~10th floor

Kill the Boss and you will get a lot of reward

Abyss Lake                                    

Halo Fragments, Rare materials

Obtain Halo fragments after killing all monsters.

The dungeon is reset every hour

Boss temple                                

Equipment treasure

Obtain treasure box by killing boss

The dungeon is reset every 24 hours

Odin Temple                                

Card album

Obtain a Card album which contains rare cards by killing boss

Somatology Laboratory          

Skill book, rare materials

After killing all monsters on the map, you can enter the 2nd floor

You can’t open a remote shop when you are in the dungeon

Payon Auto Play                       


Players who join the event will get the EXP reward every 5 seconds        

World map Auto Play             

Double exp

During the event, Players can earn double exp by doing world auto play

Tower of  Death                      

Exp, star soul

Get a lot of EXP by killing guardian monsters


Honor point, star soul

Players joining the event will be randomly  assigned to realms

Obtain points by killing players in the opponent realms or killing monsters

Victory will be given to the  realm  that has more cumulative points at the end of the event

Guild dungeon                        

Prosperity, contribution points

Guild master or vice guild master can open a guild dungeon once a day.

If you succeed in the challenge dungeon, you will be given a lot of rewards