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Dragon Boat Festival Event



This year’s Dragon Boat Festival Event will give highly active adventures big rewards! 


First Event: Sticky Rice Dumplings and Porings


Within the land of Midgard, a peculiar Poring that gave rise to a mysterious incident within the realm was suddenly discovered! This incident captured the attention of special investigator Samuel  Song. 


He discovered that this poring only dropped Sticky Rice Dumplings and strange words. In order to investigate these mysterious events, Samuel  requests the help of brave adventurers to assist him in his investigation! 


During the event period, everyday 12:00, 18:00 within Midgard World Maps Plump Rice Dumpling Porings will spawn!


When attacked, they will spit out Rice Dumpling Porings! 


Rice Dumpling Porings have a chance to drop Mysterious Words and Sticky Rice Dumplings!


Players can collect these and bring the Characters to the newly added NPC Samuel Song in Prontera to exchange them for rewards! 


Second Event: Dynamic Scaling Rewards 

During the event period, additional rewards will be received when the activity reaches the corresponding conditions! The additional rewards are as follows:


Activity Level 15: Odin Shrine Ticket x1, Yggdrasil Leaf x3

Activity Level 45: 1000 Charm x1, 1000 Star Soul x1

Activity Level 80: Wing of Feather x1, Halo Fragment x1

Activity Level 95: Oridecon+3 x1, Elunium+3 x1


Third Activity: Limited Headgear Recharge Event


During the event period, two versions of newly added headgears Onigiri Hat and Poring Cake Hat. After activation, you will be able to obtain a lot of power and enhance your game experience!