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Ninja Class Update


A small shadow can be seen below the Cherry Blossom Trees. Finally appearing from the darkness, the ninja's decend. The more knowledge you posses about these deadly assasins the more power you hold. A new class of adventuerer has been revealed! Now at level 10, you can choose to become one with the shadow; come and weild the power of the ninja!




A special event, Ninja General Redemption, is currently active! Adventurers who receive a reward voucher in the Ninja General Event can head over to Unclear (Prondera 74,71) to redeem a reward.





Equipment Enhanced Interlocking is now available! When an adventurer wears the Seven Major pieces of equipment and strengthens the level to 10 or above, it will activate a special Enhanced Interlocking effect and explode with additional power! 




Amazing New Equipment: